Toronto's CNE


By Trish Olivera

This past weekend my little family along with what seemed like every other family in Toronto headed to the EX. A total right of passage for every Torontonian kid on the last weekend of summer before school begins. We figured we had to let the boys in on this treat.

One of my favorite parts of photographing lifestyle events is the candid smiles they produce. 

Then it was little Luke's turn to get on his first ride! He think we would have chosen the merry go round. Side note, it is very difficult to photograph whilst spinning around a merry go round getting smacked by horses and maintaining your balance!

Oh the games! Julian didn't get the concept that you didn't win a prize after each game, but he kept on sitting at new ones staring at the paw patrol ones, & me hoping he wouldnt win the giant pandas. I mean what are you supposed to do with those things!

After all the games, walking, & rides we knew we couldn't leave without some sugar! Boys didn't complain for a second about these stops!

All in all we survived & more so made some incredible family memories!