Meet Alyssa



Meet Alyssa. She specializes in Wedding + Engagement Photography. She has been a wedding photographer since 2014 + has photographed over 130 couples on their wedding day throughout Southern Ontario and Michigan + every one of which gets her all teary eyed! 

She believe's chocolate + peanut butter is the most significant thing that happened to food. EVER. Alyssa lives for a good day by the poolside in the summer. 

The energy that surrounds two people who come together as they embark on a journey with the support of family and friends is powerful to witness. Her focus always remains on that energy. It's the loving couple and the time spent with all the people who make life worthwhile and help tell your story. She likes to think her experience using a journalistic style enhances moments of connectivity, love, and happiness, what she believe is the essence of any memorable occasion!