Meet Trish



Hey! I'm Trish. I am the owner of The Boho House, + I specialize in Maternity, Newborn, + Family Photography. 

I've wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t imagine a segment in our lives more beautiful then growing a baby, birthing, + raising another human being. Motherhood is where I've always wanted to be + Im grateful to be on this journey of Motherhood with you. 

As a school teacher for over a decade working with children comes naturally to me. I will do just about anything to make them laugh with the goal of capturing the connection between you + your family. It is my job to give you photos to spill over the walls in your families home, telling your family story, creating your beautiful unique legacy.   



My little fam jan

I am married to my high school love + we met in 1994??!! Crazy pants I know. 

We have two wild + crazy boys. Julian + Luke. They are the other great loves of my life. 

Motherhood has been the most demanding yet rewarding job of my life thus far. It has stretched me, both physically + mentally. I believe that our children are our teachers + our jobs as mothers are to lead them, teach them all we know, + then give them wings to fly. 




6 AM Club

I love mornings. I'm the gal who leaps out of bed ready to start the day head on, I am at my highest self the moment I wake up. I believe in the importance of creating a powerful morning routine. As a mom, I have learned that the best way to start my day is by waking up at 6am. Alone, with a hot cup of coffee + a book in my hand. I've learned that if I fill my cup up first, I’ll then + only then be able to fill up everyone else's.



I am a Canadian by birth, but a California Girl in my heart. I am happiest in my bare feet, sand in my toes, ocean air on my face. I love the South Bay, LA with all of me + I feel complete living by the ocean.


Minimalist at heart

Organizing is my meditation + regular meditating too. I practice meditation, gratitude + visualization on a daily basis. I believe we can manifest anything we truly desire. I am a firm believer in personal growth, I love reading all sorts of books that help me elevate into greatness + I love inspiring others to do the same


TArrot cards anyone?

I believe in the power of crystals, salt lamps, psychic mediums, guides, chakras, the law of attraction. Straight up spiritual gangster rap. I love it all.

quiet and calm

I am a libra so Balance is a thing for me. Having quiet + alone time isn’t just a thing its necessary for me to have inner peace. 


Trish is the Founder of The Boho House. To read more about how The Boho House came to be click here!

Trish is the Founder of The Boho House. To read more about how The Boho House came to be click here!